Tuesday, 18 April 2017

WALMARTH United Queendom of Retailia

A bijou Trashpo by David Stanley Aponte

Home grown double sided Trashpo cultivated by David Stanley Aponte with extreme care and attention to the prevalent conditions. The texture is soft and silky, the result of natural ripening. A pleasure to handle. To avoid disappointments you are advised to hurry and order on line. 
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The opening day was a great success here in the Queendom, with many Peeps buying double quantity of articles they did not need and getting one of them free as well. 
Furthermore, it is with the greatest of pleasures that I can announce that a new branch of our excellent supermarket has opened in Cascadia.  

CEO  Walmarth - United Queendom of Retailia

Two out of three world leaders prefer DKult

'I always take DKult for all those little reality issues we all have, like a touch of the Nicolas' says Theresa, ex- remainder and mother of all hypocrites. 

Advert published in the Daily Garbage

Walmarth deliveries are prompt 

Walmarth produce is locally sourced 

Walmarth chicken jokes are terrible

Exclusive to Walmarth!
The DKilt, an original creation by fashion designer Diane Keys, DKult USA

DKult is a difficult to define art movement because it is in constant Fluxus. The central figure and driving force of DKult is Diane Keys. 

Many have joined and made an ongoing success of it, incidentally finding spiritual fulfilment and peace of mind. 

MailArtMartha is one of its most faithful followers; all the DKult art pieces displayed here are hers, unless they are not, but she will tell you which. The Peeps are born in Cascadia and travelled to Retailia for the inauguration of Walmarth.  

Trashed by fang

Because you are worth it